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Zoology (rarely spelled zoölogy) is the biological discipline which involves the study of non-human animals.

The word zoology comes from Greek ζῴον, zoon ("animal"), and λογία, -logy ("the study of"), from λόγος, word, speech.

The pronunciation of "zoology" is [zoʊˈɑləʤɪ], however it is common to hear this word mispronounced as [zuˈɑləʤɪ], due to the familiarity of the word "zoo" which is an abbreviation of "zoological garden."

Notable zoologists

In alphabetical order by surname:

  • Louis Agassiz (malacology, ichthyology)
  • Aristotle
  • Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre
  • Archie Carr (Herpetology, esp. sea turtles)
  • Eugenie Clark (Ichthyology)
  • Georges Cuvier (founder of comparative morphology)
  • Charles Darwin (formulated modern theory of evolution)
  • Richard Dawkins (ethology)
  • Dian Fossey (primatology)
  • Jane Goodall (primatology)
  • Arthur Davis Hasler (limnology, ichthyology, salmon homing)
  • Victor Hensen (planktology)
  • Libbie Hyman (invertebrate zoology)
  • Steve Irwin (herpetology)
  • William Kirby (father of entomology)
  • Carolus Linnaeus (father of systematics)
  • Konrad Lorenz (ethology)
  • David W. Macdonald (wild mammals)
  • Ernst Mayr (evolutionary biologist)
  • Desmond Morris (ethology)
  • Ron Nowak (wild mammals)
  • Richard Owen (proposed archetypes for major groups of organisms)
  • Roger Tory Peterson (ornithology)
  • William Emerson Ritter (marine biology)
  • Thomas Say (entomology)
  • Jakob van Uexküll (animal behavior, invertebrate zoology)
  • Ernest P. Walker (wild mammals)
  • E. O. Wilson (entomology, founder of sociobiology)

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