Ugandapithecus is an extinct form of Ape, attributed to be the remote cousin of Hominidea.

Napak XV siteEdit

The first partial skull of Ugandapithecus was found at the Volcano site of Napak XV. Fragments of the lower jaw determine that the extinct ape was roughly 10 years old (a young adult male) at the time of death. The teeth are fully erupted but not heavily worn. The skull is of similar dimensions to that of a large male chimpanzee, but with teeth the size of a gorilla's. This particular find is classed as Ugandapithecus Major, which was discovered on July 18, 2011. The remains at Napak XV show that this species lived around 20 million years ago in Uganda. Several other skeletal elements of the same species, that were found earlier at other sites near Napak Volcano, suggest that Ugandapithecus Major was an arboreal herbivore.

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