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The Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard King) was a large theropod Dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period and one of the most famous dinosaurs of all time.


Teeth from the T-Rex were first discovered by Arthur Lakes in Colorado in the 1874 and were first believed to be from an Ornithomimus species. It was later rediscovered by Edward Drinker Cope is 1892, finding two fragments of vertebrae. He Believed them to be from a dinosaur from Ceratopsia and named it Manospondylus Gigas (Giant Porous Vertebra).

In 1900, Barnum Brown found the first skeleton to be given the name Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Due to its early discovery, T-Rex has had many changes in reconstructions over time. Like many theropods, T-Rex was originally reconstructed with an upright back and tail dragged along the ground like a kangaroo. Whether or not T-Rex had Feathers is still debated. Though the evidence does seem in favour of scales. Further fossils are needed.


tyranosaurus lived in groups called terrors rulled by females. Females were probably bigger due to it being the case with lots of modern birds and reptiles. Unlike in old depictons of a solitary hunter dragging his tail towards some triceratops. We now know they were scoial animals and had the intelligence of lions.

the the hatchlings were brought small food like birds lizards snakes and even raptors. And were made to deliver the finishing blow to the small crippled prey. After the infants became more active they started hunting small insects.

eventualy they started eating mammals and lizards. Soon they became hunters for the pack at around 13. At 13 they hunted ornithomimus and pachycephlosaurs. Females became intrested in the males at this age and would try and mate with them despite the fact they were siblings. The other members of the pack would banish her . Female rexs would then need to get out of the massive territory around the size of disneyland. After escaping she would try and go into anothers territroy and overthrow the female/females of that terror. Males would stay in the pack and do 95% of the hunting. The female would guard the territory and rest while the males hunted. For an adult tyranosaurus nothing was off the menu. They often attacked triceratops and edmontosaurs. Tyranosaurus had a bite that could damage a car it also had a mouth infected with bacteria so if its prey was bitten but got away its unlikely the prey would have survived. Most males that werent related to the female were the ones who mated with her. However some males who were related to the female snuck out to secretly mate with females outside their clan. If the females found this out the male was banished.

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