Homo erectus is an extinct species of primate that lived mostly throughout the Pleistocene geological epoch. Its earliest fossil evidence dates to 1.8 million years ago (discovered 1991 in Dmanisi, Georgia).

Cave of Le LazaretEdit

A 170,000-year-old skull of Homo Erectus was found on 13th August 2011 in the Cave of Le Lazaret, which is located in the eastern suburbs of the French town of Nice, France. Preliminary analysis shows it was nomadic, and less than 25 years old. The skull was left to dry for a few days where it was discovered, before being removed for a special public announcement attended by Nice Mayor, Christian Estrosi. Excavations at the site have found more than 20,000 bone fragments from prehistoric animals. The occupation layers of the cave, in use, date to 186,000-127,000 years ago. The cave, excavated during the 1970s, may demonstrate construction abilities and other organizational skills by the inhabitants, at the time.

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