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Depending on context, epoch can refer to:

A period of time

  • a distinctive historical period or era
  • a unit of the geologic time scale, less than a period and greater than an age
  • a phase in the development of the universe with distinctive properties

A moment in time

  • epoch (reference date), an instant of origin chosen as the date from which time is measured in a calendar era or in a computer system
  • epoch (astronomy), a moment in time for which celestial coordinates or orbital elements are specified
  • a step in the training process of an artificial neural network

As a proper noun

  • Epoch (film), a science fiction film directed by Matt Codd
  • The Epoch Game Pocket Computer, an early handheld game console
  • Epoch (Chrono Trigger), a flying time machine in role-playing game Chrono Trigger
  • Epoch (DC Comics), a supervillain also known as the Lord of Time
  • The Epoch Times, a Falun Gong-linked Chinese newspaper
  • Epoch Javascript Calendar is an open source, GPL calendar component for use in web pages written in JavaScript

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