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  • some kind of territory, such as (for example) a demesne or a realm
  • synonymous with a metaphorical field, e.g. "the domain of computer science"
  • a field of study
  • public domain, a body of works and knowledge without proprietary interest
  • atomic domain - a domain whose elements class as indivisible units
  • eminent domain, the power of government to confiscate private property for public use
  • The Domain, a shopping mall in Austin, Texas, USA
  • in several Commonwealth countries, the name for parkland made available for public use by the monarch or their representative, the Governor. Examples include:
    • The Domain, Sydney: a large open space near the central business district of Sydney, Australia
    • Kings Domain, Melbourne: in Victoria, Australia
    • The Domain Tunnel, Melbourne: a tunnel that runs underneath the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia
    • Queens Domain, Hobart: in Tasmania, Australia
    • Auckland Domain: a large inner-city park in Auckland, New Zealand containing an ancient volcano and the War Memorial Museum
    • Throughout New Zealand a Town Domain is typically a public sport area administered by a Domain Board.


  • domain (biology), a subdivision even larger than a kingdom
  • protein domain, an autonomously folding functional module of a protein
  • domain (physics), a region of a solid inside which a property is uniform (for example magnetic domain in ferromagnetism)


In mathematics domain can refer to:

  • the domain of a function
  • one of the domains of a relation
  • an ordered structure studied in domain theory
  • a ring-theoretic domain, an integral domain or a Euclidean domain — types of ring
  • an open and connected set
  • domain of discourse in symbolic logic

Information technology

In information technology, the term domain can refer to:

  • a machine or virtual host on the Internet; do not confuse the name of a domain - its "domain name" - with the domain itself
  • a Windows Server domain, a centrally-managed group of computers using the Windows operating-system
  • a broadcast domain in computer networking
  • an application domain - the kinds of purposes for which users use a software system
  • a software engineering domain - a field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in that field. See also domain-specific programming languages.
  • a CLR application domain, a mechanism for separating executed applications (similar to a process)
  • In Database Theory, a data domain is a set of all permitted atomic values.
  • a workstation operating system called Domain/OS.
  • a group of computers on a network that share a common directory or storage location.


  • Domain is the debut album by the British heavy metal band Above All.
  • Domain is a German heavy metal band


The original etymological implication of the word domain carries the idea of "something ruled". Compare and contrast dominion, domination, dominant and demesne.

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